Lazarus Vintage E-Liquid Review

The other night, I was watching and participated in a discussion about what makes a true premium e-liquid. That word gets tossed around by a lot of brands, and the meaning has gotten lost.

Premium means “of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior”.

In my opinion, it is rare to find a brand that has really set itself apart from the others. There are some great flavors out there, but an entire company that is above the fold? Those are few and far between.

Meet Lazarus Vintage: the premium e-liquid company you’ve been waiting for.

Company Profile

Texas-based Lazarus Vintage has not only entered the premium e-liquid market, it has positioned itself to be a leader. This is not just a product. Their brand is conjuring up images of a lavish vaping lifestyle.

Our mission is not simply to serve you our reserved elixirs, but to increase your expectations for how you should be captivated by a truly fine vape.

It’s difficult for me to put into words the true decadence of this product without sounding lofty, or like I’m a paid endorser. These guys are truly doing something different with their company. This e-liquid isn’t just a bunch of flavors thrown together because it sounds good in a product description.

Lazarus Vintage is sourcing natural flavor extracts and using quality ingredients to create a superior product.


From a marketing and presentation perspective, Lazarus Vintage is clearly looking to make a statement.

In a previous review, I expressed an opinion that put Five Pawns on the top of the presentation heap. I stand corrected.

Lazarus Vintage takes things to a whole new level.

E-liquid bottles come with caps that are dipped in wax. Simply twist the cap to break the wax seal and screw on a dripper. The bottle labels are extremely high quality, and have a textured linen feel.

Some of the limited edition products even arrive encased in hand crafted wooden casks with signed certificates of authenticity that add yet another dimension to their exclusivity.

Vapor Production

Unlike most other e-liquids, PG/VG ratio varies by product. There is no across the board ratio, and I like that. To me, it says the the Lazarus Vintage mixologist, Chef Bruce, is worth his salt and a true flavor connoisseur. No sacrificing flavor for clouds from this guy.

Kudos to Chef Bruce. Finally, someone is doing it right.

Both lines contain 5%-20% PG, depending on flavor and nicotine strength. Vapor production is going to vary a bit, but I found that most of the Lazarus Vintage flavors produce significant clouds, no matter what their PG/VG ratio.

7 Wonders of the World Line

The original lineup offered by Lazarus Vintage features seven full-bodied, decadent flavors that give meaning to what a premium e-liquid should be about.


When my package from Lazarus Vintage arrive, I set all the flavors out in a row. There is a pattern here, not just in the naming conventions, but also the flavor profiles. This is one of the little caveats that makes this brand so special.

With its pow­er­ful layer of delec­table can­died sweets and intense white wine aroma, Com­pass has been described as a sweet botan­i­cal expe­ri­ence.

The inhale produces light floral notes with a gentle kiss of white wine. Compass has a sweet and savory exhale with a subtle, tangy twist at the end that leaves a very clean and refreshing aftertaste.

Compass is one of the lighter flavors in the 7 Wonders lineup that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Journey is a popular reviewed flavor on the Lazarus Vintage site, and its profile is right up my alley:

Rolled in cognac and glazed with but­ter­milk, this warm and sweet fla­vor is reserved for only the most exclu­sive cig­ars of the world.

This is a lush, creamy smooth vape with subtle buttermilk rounded out by a mildly sweet cognac that is spot-on.

The cigar reference in their description is a bit deceptive, because this is not a tobacco e-liquid. However, Journey does have a flavor profile that is found in some cigars.

Former cigar smokers will instantly recognize and appreciate what Journey has to offer, but it will gain a lot of fans among non-aficionados also.

A full, well-rounded vape. 5-stars.


This flavor was going to be a test for Lazarus Vintage. Five Pawns “Gambit” is one of my favorite vapes, and shares a similar apple pie profile.

With a hint of warm apple pie, Lighthouse is a bea­con of sweet­ness in a world of spice.

This complex blend of sweet and spice is sure to get a thumbs up from every dessert vape lover.

You get hints of real apple (not candied apple that is so prevalent in other vapes), buttery crust, and a hint of cinnamon spice throughout. Most companies overdo this sweet pastry, but pains were taken to get this one right by achieving the perfect balance of flavors.

I spent a lot of time doing a side-by-side comparison of Five Pawns Gambit and Lighthouse, and in my opinion, there was no clear winner. They are each excellent in their own unique way, and I can’t say that one is definitively better than the other.


The product description on Nebula couldn’t be more accurate. Chocolate is a very difficult flavor to do right, and most miss the mark completely. Throw mint into the mix, and it’s often a recipe for catastrophe.

Refin­ing the light airy cool­ness of mint within an exclu­sive Swiss choco­late is no easy feat in the vap­ing world.

Swiss chocolate has a reputation for its superior quality and creaminess, which is well reflected in this vape.

This is a smooth chocolate vape with a dash of cool mint that has a profile similar to Andes mint candy. Some mints can be over the top or give a harsh throat hit, but Nebula is smooth as silk.

No. 1

For those of you out there who think you’ve tried every flavor under the sun, you’re wrong. No. 1 is a truly unique flavor that really has no comparison.

Often com­pared to the finest French pas­tries, No. 1 is full of uniquely blended fresh and crisp fla­vors.

Just like with Lighthouse, Lazarus Vintage nails the pastry aspect of this vape right on the nose. You get flavor notes of a subtle, buttery and flaky pastry crust that is fresh out of the oven.

No. 1 reminds me of Cinnamon Palmiers, a buttery, flaky treat that adds a dash of cinnamon spice. For those of you who don’t like coffee or cereal flavors, this is an excellent alternative for that early morning vape.


Speaking of themed vapes, Startdust bills itself as an “after dinner favorite”. For those of you from less civilized upbringings, orange sorbet is often used in fine dining to cleanse and prepare your palate for the next course.

With hints of orange, the cit­rus base of this fine elixir will refresh your palate while simultaneously rejuvenating your inner youth for an adventurous night in what­ever world you can dream.

Stardust is difficult to describe to those who have never experienced a finely crafted orange sorbet. This isn’t the sherbet you pick up from the freezer at Walmart, and it isn’t orange creamsicle.

Throughout the inhale and exhale is a smooth orange flavor that is neither creamy nor tart. There is clearly another layer of complexity here, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. A deep, citrus-infused vape.

Trinity Reserve

Of the entire Lazarus Vintage lineup, this is the flavor I was most excited to try. The entire list of flavors is exciting, but Trinity Reserve called out to me the most.

Per­haps one of the most incred­i­ble won­ders, Trin­ity is com­posed of silky smooth bour­bon that has been slowly lay­ered in roasted nuts.

My intuition was right. It has a profile similar to Castle Long by Five Pawns, but with it’s own unique flavor.

On the inhale you get a smooth, charred oak bourbon followed by toasty almonds. The bourbon lingers in your mouth, and on the exhale, you get a buttery smooth finish with a hint of creaminess.

Imagine yourself as an executive lounging with your vape in a swanky leather office chair, and you’ll get a glimmer of what Trinity Reserve is like.

An excellent 5-star vape. Five Pawns Castle Long fans, you have to check this one out.

Valley of the Kings Line

Contrasted to the heavier 7 Wonders of the World flavors, the Valley of the Kings elixirs are lighter and more whimsical.


Up first, A’kar is a lush dessert vape that tackles your taste buds with velvet cake.

M. Chef Bruce has recreated the tasteful moment when you are first taken by the silky layers of a soft creamy velvet cake.

This is a very smooth and silky vape, with a wonderful buttery icing flavor and fluffy white velvet cake on the inhale and exhale. That smoothness is the key, and it’s what I was hoping to find in this flavor.

This icing has butter cream notes, which is what you would get with a real velvet cake. The icing here isn’t too candied or sweet, and makes for an excellent all day vape for dessert lovers.


If there was ever going to be a flavor in the Lazarus Vintage lineup that was going to trip me up, it would be Anubis.

A boldly roasted espresso with an artisan layer of smooth crème.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t drink coffee. In fact, I hate coffee.

As such, I did not care for this flavor. This is the only e-liquid in the entire lineup that had zero appeal to me, and I ended up giving it to a friend who enjoys coffee vapes. For what it’s worth, he said it was fantastic.

Anubis will not be included in the final ratings, because it would receive a zero score.


As the capital of Egypt and one of the largest cities of the middle-east, one expects Cairo to be the flagship of the Valley of the Kings line.

This elixir starts with a rush of confection sugar and begins to take you on a journey as if you were attending a traveling circus during the roaring 1920s.

Cloud chasers will love Cairo for its high VG content. This is one of the thickest e-liquids of the bunch.

Out front is sweet confectioner’s sugar, followed by subtle notes of red and blue berries. The exhale is equally sweet, leaving behind a sugary aftertaste that very closely resembles the real spun cotton candy treat you get at the county fair.

I’ve had cotton candy vapes that were way over the top and artificial. Cairo is unmistakably sweet, but still smooth enough to be an all day vape for candy lovers. Passers-by will no doubt get caught up in the scent of the thick, lingering plumes of vapor.


The name of this e-liquid alone conjures up images in one’s mind. You would expect to find a very beautiful and well refined blend.

An exotic blend of Greek and Egyptian flavors, the mixture of pink champagne and hypnotic fruits seduce you like the beauty that captured the heart of Julius Caesar.

Similar to its real rosé sparkling wine counterpart, Cleopatra is a pink colored e-liquid with soft and subtle flavors.

A refreshing blend of fresh red berries on the inhale with a well-rounded flowery middle. The exhale produces a sweet and gently tart finish with a long, lingering aftertaste.

This e-liquid has a very pleasant aroma, and it sure to be a hit with fruit lovers who are looking for something with complex, yet subdued layers of flavor.


Custard vapes are usually hit or miss with me, and most of the time, they’re a miss.

The depth of this sultry elixir is found in the sweet caramel and brown sugar glazes that only the most incredible crème brulee desserts of the world delight in.

If you’ve never had it, crème brulee is a rich custard-based dessert that typically includes vanilla and caramel flavoring. The top layer is often heated with a torch, so it gets a hard, caramelized crust. The name itself translates to “burnt cream”.

I’m getting some caramel and creamy custard with Horus, but I’m also getting a very strong alcohol on the inhale. Even the smell of this e-liquid is kind of overpowering. It reminds me of a hard white rum aroma.

There are many varieties of custards, and there are die hard custard fans out there who might enjoy Horus. For me though, it’s a pass.


In my experience, lemon-based flavors have always been too strong and artificial. Will Kaselk break the mold?

A refreshingly cool lemon inspired elixir that is surrounded by the fresh Mediterranean fruits of Morocco.

This is a frustrating flavor to profile. Props to Chef Bruce for creating such an interesting blend that is so difficult to nail down.

Lemon is definitely out front, but it’s subdued lemon with a very mild tartness. I want to say that I’m also getting notes of pomegranate here, and possibly passion fruit.

Regardless of what’s in this stuff, it’s darn good. It’s a cool, smooth, refreshing, citrus vape that doesn’t leave a tangy aftertaste.


Nefertiti was the wife of an Egyptian pharaoh, and together they were responsible for a religious revolution before the reign of King Tut.

The kind arid sweetness discovered in Egyptian desserts shine through a variety of lightly toasted flavors like almonds and vanilla.

This e-liquid is a revolution of flavor as your senses are overtaken with sweet vanilla and almonds.

Nefertiti reminds me of a popular recipe for white wedding cake. The inhale produces an excellent creamy icing-inspired vanilla surrounded by lightly toasted almonds. The exhale is pure nutty goodness that leaves a pleasant aroma and aftertaste.

Limited Edition Lines

Lazarus Vintage goes above and beyond its premium offerings with a line of exclusive products that will delight collectors and true flavor aficionados alike.

Sir James XO

The idea of numbered bottles, exclusive products, and nifty little wood treasure chests seemed a bit lofty to me at first. These e-liquids had better be something spectacular. First up is Sir James XO.

The sweetness of Amaretto begins to captivate you within the inhale, where you are then immersed into an even more unparalleled and sophisticated world of chocolate decadence surrounded by an even more exclusive cognac.

Wow. That’s all I can really say. The company’s product description above captures the Sir James XO experience nicely, so there’s no need to elaborate on it.

Usually a flavor this rich is too much for an all day vape, but it’s so spectacular, you won’t want to put down. Without a shred of doubt, this is the best e-liquid I have ever had. I was truly blown away.

The price will be a sticking point with most customers, and it’s a valid concern. However, this e-liquid is expensive to make, and it takes a long time to age properly. The company’s margin on it is actually very low.

Sir James XO is a treat. It’s a special occasion vape. If you approach it from that angle, it’s worth every single penny.

A well-deserved five stars.

Sir James CIGR8

This product is an impressive sight to behold. Packaged in a large wooden chest with leather straps, this limited edition box set contains a CIGR8 cigar-style vaporizor kit, certificate of authenticity, and gourmet e-liquid.

Inspired by centuries of vintage tradition, this is an elusively rare and exquisite blend of exotic flavors aged in fine oak. Master Chef’s mastery of imported chocolates and the deep richness of roasted nuts, all layered in a bold cognac, create an experience that has been called “legend” in the vaping lifestyle.

For me, this box set represents the entirety of the Lazarus Vintage image. It’s bold and opulent. You would expect to walk into Gordon Gecko’s office and find this sitting on his desk.

Sir James CIGR8 e-liquid shares a similar flavor profile to Sir James XO. Where XO features a chocolate/Amaretto/sweet cognac flavor, CIGR8 is a chocolate/smoky/roasted/bold cognac flavor. Subtle similarities, but different, and equally excellent.

This is a very full-bodied and complex vape that runs a very close second to XO.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the CIGR8 e-cigar, which performed very well. Filling the chamber with e-liquid is a bit wonky at first, but you get used to it. Vaping on this cigar definitely adds yet another layer of dimension to the lifestyle that Lazarus Vintage portrays.

Christmas 2014

I love the idea of a Christmas vape! This bottle even came with a red and white candy cane-themed wax dipped cap and seasonal ribbon.

A special offering from Lazarus Vintage for the holidays. Warm rich coco with white chocolate peppermint. Available throughout December.

This special edition vape is sadly no longer available, but I assume Lazarus Vintage will probably be offering something similar during the holiday seasons.

You’re in luck though, because this flavor is a chocolate mint, somewhat similar to Nebula from the 7 Wonders line. Christmas 2014 is a smooth, hot cocoa vape infused with a minty candy cane flavor.


Lazarus Vintage makes a very strong showing and walks away with a solid overall rating and several 5-star awards. This company is turning heads wherever they go, including a gushing review from Twisted420. Check out the interview and tour here.

What readers really want to know, and I’m sure the folks at Lazarus Vintage want to know, also: are they better than Five Pawns? In my opinion, yes.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Five Pawns. They have a few flavors that I really, really love. However, they are only a handful of the entire Five Pawns lineup. The rest of their flavors, I could really do without.

Lazarus Vintage has a much more comprehensive offering. While there were a couple of blends that weren’t for me, overall, they have more impressive flavors across the board. I’ve never experienced so many e-liquids from a company that were this good. There is truly something here for everyone. Best of all, they are less expensive than Five Pawns.

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