Raven’s Cut E-Liquid Review

Tobacco vapes: most people either love em or hate em, there’s usually no middle ground.

Like a lot of vapers, the very first e-liquid I sampled when I bought my kit from the vape store was a menthol tobacco, because I was a menthol smoker. I wanted to replicate the cigarette taste I was giving up as closely as possible.

Like a lot of vapers, I eventually settled on something else because all of the tobacco vapes I tried that day were absolutely horrible.


Company Profile

The Vapor Establishment started in 2014 with roots in Indiana. Founder Christopher Hempfling and Co-founder Eric Thorpe discovered Naturally Extracted Tobaccos (NETs) and decided to share their passion with the rest of us.

The Raven’s Cut product line includes:

  • Robust American blend
  • Oriental Turkish blend
  • Turkish Menthol blend
  • Sweet vanilla/caramel tobacco blend
  • Chocolate/raspberry tobacco blend

All flavors sampled for this review are 3mg nicotine. 13mg and 7mg nicotine are also available.

A 30mL bottle of Raven’s Cut e-liquid is $15.99.


Raven’s Cut e-liquid comes in a black textured glass bottle. Unlike the black Moshi bottles, these are not see-through when you hold them up against the light.

Bottles are capped by childproof nipple-top drippers and tamper-evident plastic wrap.

The labels are some of the most informative I have ever seen on an e-liquid. You will find all of the typical stuff like PG/VG ratio, flavor, nicotine level, and warnings. You also find a description of the flavor profile. For example, the Obscured by the Clouds label lists: American Virginia Tobacco, Kentucky Bourbon Essence, Vanilla Bean, and Caramel Extract.

One complaint here is that the labels tend to peel at the edges. The bottles are textured, so it’s difficult for them to stick. The labels themselves don’t appear to be coated, so take care not to spill e-liquid on them.

The bottles came in a small linen bag with a drawstring at the top, complete with Raven’s Cut logo emblazoned on one side.

Vapor Production

All Raven’s Cut flavors are 50PG/50VG blend. You won’t be doing any cloud chasing with these flavors, but vapor production is still above average compared to many other 50/50 blends.

It’s been my experience that higher quality e-liquids that use natural flavor extracts versus generic flavorings tend to have better vapor production, and that is certainly the case here.

Before moving on to the flavors, a bit of disclosure: I am not a big fan of tobacco vapes. Every single one I’ve tried has been very disappointing, including the RY5 flavors that so many other vapers rave about.

I smoked cigars in a previous life, and know full well what a good tobacco is supposed to taste like. In my opinion, no e-liquid has even come close to replicating that flavor.

North American Fire Cured Tobacco

This is the full-flavored tobacco blend offered by Raven’s Cut.

American and Canadian flue cured, aged burley, and finishes off with dark fire cured tobacco. A smooth and robust vape that finishes with a slight sweetness.

The flavor accuracy is right on the nose. This is what a tobacco vape should taste like. I have to admit, I was truly blown away to finally find an e-liquid that so closely resembles the taste of a full-flavor cigarette.

You get a full-bodied and robust vape throughout, with a smooth finish and a light throat hit at 3mg. Those of you looking for a true cigarette experience, the full strength 13mg will have the throat hit you crave.

Former Marlboro Red smokers: this is your vape. The search is over.

Turkish Premium Dark Tobacco

Turkish tobacco is more aromatic and has a lighter flavor than traditional blends.

Izmir Turkish Oriental, American flue cured, aged burley, and Yenidje Oriental tobaccos. If you love Turkish tobacco, this vape is for you.

And it is. This blend is very reminiscent of Camel Turkish cigarettes with its smooth, almost creamy blend of tobacco extracts. Again, I was very surprised with how accurate these Raven’s Cut flavors are.

With this one, you still get that robust draw, but with a much milder mouth feel and finish that has very slight coffee notes. Vapers who have experienced higher end tobaccos will really appreciate what Turkish Premium Dark has to offer.

Dark Turkish Ice

Next up is The Vapor Establishment’s take on menthol:

A smooth Raven’s Cut menthol with a great Turkish tobacco taste.

If I could rewind the clock and go back to the day when I picked up my first open vaping setup at a brick and mortar store, this is the e-liquid that would’ve been in my shopping bag.

As a former smoker of Camel menthols, Raven’s Cut Dark Turkish Ice is an almost spot-on flavor profile match. This is a true menthol taste, not a candied mint flavor that tries to pawn itself off as menthol.

Obscured by the Clouds

For those of you who want something a bit more flavorful, Raven’s Cut offers two special blends with very unique flavor profiles.

An extremely tasty special mix of The Vapor Establishment’s Raven’s Cut. Obscured by the Clouds is a mix of vanilla and caramel, with hints of Tennessee bourbon and Virginia fire cured tobacco.

Obscured by the Clouds has the same robust, full-flavored vape that you get from North American Fire Cured…but with an added twist. The inhale produces a distinguishable bourbon that perfectly melds with the tobacco. On exhale, you pick up sweet vanilla and caramel notes for a smooth finish that leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste.

This vape starts out strong and finishes silky smooth. A very interesting vape.

3:15 am

Rounding out the lineup is a sweet candy and tobacco blend.

An extremely tasty special mix of The Vapor Establishment’s Raven’s Cut. 3:15 am is a mix of chocolate and raspberry, with hints of Kentucky bourbon and Turkish tobacco.

If you’ve read this far, it should go without saying what 3:15 am is all about. This is a smooth, creamy blend that throws a splash of bourbon at you right in the middle, and finishes sweet with hints of candied chocolate and raspberry.

This particular flavor is best at higher temperatures in my opinion, as the chocolate and raspberry are harder to detect with a cooler vape. In my opinion, 3:15 am is the best of the bunch.

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